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Electric phenomena in a wire

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    Just came across this video,
    Does anybody know how to explain this??

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    insulation catching on fire, as more of the conductor is exposed the insulation fire moves with it. Cool video though.
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    More likely caused by moisture on/in the progressing parts of the wire flashing to steam from the heat of the current flow from current moisture (steam) being ionized into the plasma by the arc. As the current wire section runs out of moisture the arc heat spot moves like a lit fuse to the next section as it flashes to steam from heat as the arc follows the power wires.
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    no, not likely, a normal insulation fire wouldn't travel that fast horizontally
    its an ionisation/plasma arc travelling along between 2 wires
    if you look closely you will see the arc

    there's awesome examples in this compilation of HV arcs

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    ah yeah I didn't see the two wires, and also didn't consider ionization
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    I loved the "Oh my God" at the end - as he reached for his computer, to upload the video. lol
    It doesn't say much for the protection equipment, used on the line. An arc like that must be very low resistance and should have blown a fuse, at the very least. (I'm referring to the OP, here)
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