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Electric Planet?

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    Is it possible for a planet to be filled with electricity and lightning, like lightning storms all year 'round?
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    hello Gold Barz, IIRC there is a lot of lightning observed in the Jupiter atmosphere, but I dont have a URL and am not certain about this.

    not long ago I was reading some webpage about lightning in earth atmosphere and it said earth has several thousand flashes of lightning a minute.
    Here is the page:
    It said that most of this constant lightning activity around the earth is up in the clouds. between clouds. so most of the bolts dont hit the ground.

    So my answer, from what Ive read on the web, would be Yes
    a planet can have lightning storms going all the time, and earth does.
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    I mean a million times worse than Earth?
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    The primordial atmosphere of planet earth is thought to be quite violent. You may find these links of interest:
    http://www.palaeos.com/Hadean/Hadean.htm [Broken]
    http://www.guardian.co.uk/online/science/story/0,12450,898680,00.html [Broken]
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