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Homework Help: Electric potential between two parallel plates

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    5. Two parallel plates labeled W and X are separated by 5.2 cm. The electric potential between the plates is 150V. An electron starts from rest at time tW and reaches plate X at time tX. The electron continues through the opening and reaches point P at time tp (remember e = - 1.6 X 10^-19 C and the mass of an electron is 9.1 X 10^-31 kg)

    a.) Sketch the speed-time graph on the axes below
    b.) Determine the kinetic energy of the electron as it arrives at plate X
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    FE = Ek
    Q delta V/r = 1/3 mv^2

    1.6 x 10^-19 C (150V) / 0.05a = ½ (9.1X10^-31 kg) (v^2)
    V= 2.9 X 10^-23 m/s
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