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Homework Help: Electric Potential

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    Hi, I've tried this # for so long, and still, I can't figure it out. Here it is:

    A charge of 500nC is situated at the origin. Determine the amount of energy released in bringing a charge of -600 nC from infinity to a ditance of 1mm from the fixed charge.

    I've tried using in first place the electric potential formula: V = Q / 4(pi)EoR
    but the thing that'S confusing me is that I have to different charges. Can Anyone help? Thank you
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    Just use the potential for the first charge to get the work it does on the second charge. Since the first charge isn't moving, no work is being done on it.
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    potential energy = qV
    V is the electric potential only......

    you gotta know the different between potential and energy...
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