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Electric shock

  1. May 13, 2009 #1
    Impact of electric shock on human body is above all with electric current, not with electric power. The dead limit is somewhere 100 mA. Why current and not power?
    The main effect of electric shock are on heart and thermal efect. Obviously, thermal efect is by electric power, so it is not the main problem?
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    It depends on where you do it. Electricians always use their right hand for high voltage wires so the current doesn't go to ground via their heart (as thing can stop it by interfering with the impulses from the brain).
    However the electric chair uses a large amount of power to 'fry' the brain.
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    The actual movement of electrons through tissue is what causes physiological damage; the voltage required to cause that current is inconsequential. Also, the voltage required to push a specific current through the body can vary enormously, depending on whether the skin is wet or dry, etc.

    - Warren
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    What is with thermal damage on tisue, is this consequence of electric power.

    Probably voltage has also impact on tissue damage, but not important?

    How it is with impact on heart muscle, is it also dependent from current and not from power?
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