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Electric transmission, copper

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    I have a question because of something I remembered while I was looking at some large copper windings for a generator.

    I heard one of my teachers say that electricity moved along the surface of a copper wire. I am wondering how pitting a copper wire, making it sponge like, or carving parallel lines along the axis would effect the electrical conductance and magnetic fields created?? How about copper plating to something less dense???

    The development I am looking for would be lightweight, electric motors for cars.
    Ive heard carbon nanotubes have good electrical chracteristics ( can withstand a lot more heat per the gauge size ), but the production methods arent perfected.

    I am just wondering if anyone has any ideas on this topic, and this material used for so many electric devices.
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    Alternating Current of high frequency will travel along the outside of a conductor. It is called the skin effect. I'm not sure of any producers of carbon nanotubes, but you could try this link http://www.motionnet.com/cgi-bin/search.exe?string=nanotube [Broken]

    Brushless AC motors may be a good topic to start with.
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