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Electric winch project

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    Hi, looking for some answers to some pretty basic electrical questions please?

    I want to build a mountain winch where 2 fixed, taut steel cables will be fixed to a point up to 400 metres away. The 2 cables will need to carry the electricity to power a winch at any point, i.e. 0-400m.
    Firstly, could 2 cables (steel wire rope between 10-20mm) carry electricity safely to do this?
    What is the minimum voltage etc that could be used to power a motor of say 60-100kw at that distance?
    AC or DC?
    What is the maximum voltage etc that could be used where it would be safe if someone was to accidentally come into contact?
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Also anything else I might not be thinking about...
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    Hi iROBERT,

    Unfortunately this is really something you need to talk to a professional about. I recommend talking to a local electrician or other qualified professional in your area.

    There really isn't a safe voltage. I've heard of people dying from 40 volts or less in the right circumstances (1/3 the voltage of your wall outlet). This is why it is important to have a professional look into this. An online forum is a poor substitute for getting a professional directly involved in your project.

    Thread locked for safety reasons.
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