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Electrical basics

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    Im a recently graduated mechanical engineer and i just joined a construction company as an M & E engineer. i want to know the basics of electrical knowledge that a mechanical engineer should know. please advise me on this topic. i am willing to learn and expand my knowledge.
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    Start with Ohm's Law, then go on to bigger and better things.

    Seriously though, did you learn nothing about electrical circuits in your ME curriculum? Where did you go to school?
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    yeah i did. principles of electrics and electronics in my first year. im from malaysia. my job scope involves electrical autocad layout drafting. so i think its better to be prepared.
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    I took two semesters of EE as an ME and have done a little bit of electrical design. Nothing in college prepares you for it, you just have to learn by doing, under the tutelage of an actual EE.
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