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Electrical Component Labels

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    On the back of the circuit boards in most electronics there are labels for the parts. I know a few of them:

    R - Resistor
    C - Capacitor
    L - Inductor
    D - Diode
    Q - Transistor (Is this all transistors or just BJTs?)
    U - Integrated Circuits

    However, there are some that I don't recognize. The particular one I am looking at is labeled M1 on the board, but there is an F0 (either that or E0) on the component (see the picture). We used M for MOSFETs in my EE classes but I am pretty certain that it isn't a MOSFET. I thought this might be a fuse, but I'm not sure.

    Thanks In Advance!

    Also, if there is a link with the component labels, I would appreciate the resource.

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    Answering my own question, it appears that it was a fuse of some sort.
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