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Electrical Component Supplier

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    I am wondering if anyone has a good source for electonic components (resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, switches, etc.). I was an electronic's technician in the military and we order all of our equipment through the federal supply system. Anyway's now I'm just an engineering student/enthusiast and I have some "ideas" I want to try out but no real source of supply. Thanks!
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    They used to supply mainly to hobbyists and low volume manufacturers, but now they're very big time, and still friendly. They take VISA over the phone or via web ordering. I think the minimum order is $25 or $50, but I'm not sure. We even use these guys at my work -- lots of next-day rush orders to help us in prototype builds, etc.

    BTW, another great trick is to use [url]www.findchips.com[/url] to search multiple distributors for parts. findchips.com searches Digikey, Mouser and a bunch of other disti's for you, so with one search you can see where parts are available and often the pricing.

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