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Electrical Energy and Power

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    Can someone please explain the difference between these three equations? I'm having trouble understanding their meanings and have no idea when I should use each one. Thanks.

    [tex]P= I \Delta V[/tex]

    [tex]P= I^{2}R = \frac{\Delta V^{2}} {R}[/tex]
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    they all gives you power P. depending of the situation, you may be given or could work out only two of them and not all. for instance, if you know a battery is pumping 0.3A into a circuit and across its terminal it is 3V then power the battery is providing is P=VI=0.3x3=0.9W. for another instance, you may want to calculate power dissipated at a load of resistance R, then if you know the current through it, you can work out P=I^2 R.
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