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Homework Help: Electrical Energy Problem

  1. Jul 12, 2004 #1
    If someone could help me start this problem, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Charges of equal magnitude 1.00X10^-15 C and opposite sign are distributed over the inner and outer surfaces of the cell wall. Find the force on the potassium ion (K+) if the ion is, (a) 2.70 micro-meters from the center of the cell, (b) 2.92 micro-meters from the center, and (c) 4.00 micro-meters from the center.

    I suspect that I'm going to use F=qE but I'm not quite sure.
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    What size are the inner and outter surfaces of the cell wall? Are the charges distributed uniformly?

    I guess that you have to calculate the electric field, but the electric field depends on the cell wall.
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