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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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    I believe that computer science is very important to EE because of firmware and so on. I was wondering, the firmware of a dvd player can be upgraded (i did that to mine to gain extra features) however that is limited by the chipset. But it seems like dvd manufacturers prefer to release a new model of a player than to offer firmware upgrades. Does anyone know why? Also, the firmware is what maps how the remote control works and so on right_ is firmware so secretive that i can't find any information on the net that would guide me how to go about editing the firmware? Is CS that important to EE?
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    To design firmware, you can have training as EE, CS or
    CE (computer engineer). There is a bit of cross-over in each.
    CE and CS's obviously would have stronger programming skills,
    EE's have additional understanding of hardware.

    Regarding DVD players or consumer electronics in general, I've noticed
    manufacterers are pretty weak on offering the public, modifications
    or technical information about their products. The reason for the secretive (proprietary) behavior of companies is in attempt to protect their designs from being copied or stolen. Which, of course would cost them lost profits.

    I also think consumer electronics manufacturers don't believe the lay-public know anything about what is going on under the chasis. It is left to tinkerers and hobbyists to make and share news on how to make mods and upgrades.
    Poke around the net, I bet you will find a tinkerer willing to share their experience.
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