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Electrical Engineering ,Physics and the Third World (Latin America).

  1. Sep 19, 2011 #1
    Hello people of this great forum.

    I really love physics but living in a third would country in central america... I find that studying a bachelors in physics its not something realistic when there is no research at all and maybe the only job I can get in this country is as a professor. There is not even a Phd Program just a Master with no real specification just general.

    Theres where EE comes in.

    Seems that EE is more spread in Latin America and that involves a lot of physics and math. And in some areas like photonics you can learn some quantum mechanics.

    My real dream will be to study physics and especially solid state physics but seems to be to unrealistic.

    Ill aprecciate the advice of you people.

    Or the experience of somebody in Latin America that decided to go in Physics and pursue its dream.
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