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Electrical Engineering Student More Computer Engineering Classes?

  1. Oct 23, 2011 #1
    I'm almost done with my electrical engineering Bachelor's Degree. I have 1.5 semesters left, and I'm heavily considering grad. school in control systems (probably just a master's).

    I've focused on areas such as signal processing, control systems, circuit design, some electromagnetics, and I'm getting a math minor all as undergrad.

    But I sort of feel disappointed somewhat that I don't know very much computer engineering at all. Everything in my EE curriculum focuses on circuits at a low level (which i do like, because then you understand things at a very low level). I took a (required) digital logic class a few years ago but it was very basic and didn't get into programming any hardware. I also had a micro-controller class from the EE dept. class required for my degree, but nobody learned anything; that professor was awful. So it boils down to a basic question?

    I want to be able to use computer eng. knowledge to design and build (small, but possibly somewhat large) computer systems that I can program (I would assume using assembler or C). If one class would do it, I could take the next compeng class, but the prof is terrible according to friends who've taken the class. I don't really have anymore room in my schedule for computer engineering classes anyway, unless I take 18.5 credits my last semester, which I don't want to do while I'll be in senior design.

    So basically, what textbooks should I get for self study? They must be easy to read so that I can have an effective self study? Anyone have any recommendations?
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