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Electrical engineering undergrads at UIUC, please read!

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    I am currently attending a community college, and I have taken most if not all of my math courses that includes, Calc I-III, DE. Also I am currently taking electricity and magnitism, which is physics II here at our college, and have taken physics I(mechanics) previously. My question is, is linear algebra and physics III(thermodynamics and quantum physics) required at UIUC for Electrical Engineering majors? Also, are you guys required to take any more chem classes beyond chem 102/103? Because I had most of these classes done and was ready to transfer by fall, but I was stupid enough to think that I need all of these classes done before I start the application process. Now, because the deadline is up for the fall semester, I have to apply for spring. You guys have any suggestion as to what classes I should take beyond what I have taken so far so that I can spend the next semester getting more classes out of the way so I can be at a good pace to finish my degree in four Years? Also, I had another question guys I was wondering if I had a 4.0 gpa when I transfer to UIUC, what is the maximum amount of scolarship I can attain if scolarships are granted for transfer students with high gpa? Also, for your info, I am from Illinois.
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