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Electrical Field Strength

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    Dear All,

    How do i calculate the Electrical field strength in v/mm for a Kapton Insulated Cable.

    Conductor AWG 24/19 - 0,6 mm
    Kapton wall thickness : 1,0 mm
    Voltage : 15 KV

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    Here is a link to a Kapton wire mfg..

    http://www.allectra.com/pdf/Kaptonwires.pdf [Broken]

    AC or DC ? In short, take the Kapton V/mil x wall thickness (For DC only)
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    Thanks Zapitgood for the Information.

    The Voltage is DC.

    How is the Fieldstrength of any cable calculated. ( according to AC or DC )
    Coax / Twinax /

    Since we know that for a Uniform Field
    we have the formula
    Eb = (v/r(ln(r/R))
    Eb = breakdown Voltage pro mm

    where the Field strength is maximum at the conductor surface and minimum at the Insulation surface.

    If for example when the insulation is PTFE or any other materials
    then the Field strength is according to the Breakdown voltage strength specified by the supplier of that material.

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