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Homework Help: Electrical Physics Question

  1. Apr 14, 2008 #1
    A capacitor that is initially uncharged is connected in series with a resistor and an emf source with Є=120v and negligible internal resistance. Just after the circuit is completed, the current through the resistor is 8.00 mA, and the time constant for the circuit is 4.00 s

    What is the current as time reaches infinity? prove mathmaticly

    My questions is dont know where to start I know it has something to do with q=Q(1-e_-t/RC) but must be missing something
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    Welcome to the forums Ryll,

    I'll give you two hints. Firstly, current is the rate of flow of charge. And secondly, one could make good use of limits in this question :wink:
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