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Homework Help: Electrical Potential on sheet

  1. Sep 28, 2006 #1
    Heres the problem:
    An infinite nonconducting sheet has a surface charge density of 5.80 pC/m^2. How much work is done by the electric field due to the sheet if a particle of charge q = 1.60x10^-19 C is moved from the sheet to a point P at distance d = 3.56 cm from the sheet? Also if the electric potential V is defined to be zero on the sheet what is V at P.

    Ok so heres what i tried doing:

    using the equations E = density / 2(8.85E-12) to find E
    using E i tried finding Volts using the equation V = EdsCos
    after that i used V to solve for Work using the equation
    V = -w/q

    got nothing close to the answer

    as reference the answers in the back of the book say
    a) 1.87E-21 J

    I dont know what im doing please help
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