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Electrical potential

  1. Sep 30, 2007 #1

    if you got resistor, having its positive terminal attached to the positive end of a battery (say emf 5V), and the negative end left connected to a simple wire, as such....in short, the circuit is not complete.

    what is the pd when a voltmeter is connected across the resistor?

    is it zero, or 5V??

    and what is the potential, at any point on the wire connected to the negative terminal of the resistor?

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    The p.d. is zero. Potentials only make sense relatively. In this case, the potential is the same as the +ve end of the battery.
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    Ohm's Law: V=IR
    V = voltage across resistor
    I = current through resistor
    Current cannot flow since the circuit is incomplete (Kirchoff's Current Law).
    I = 0,
    regardless of R, V = 0
    The p.d. across the resistor is zero, but the p.d. from the open end of the resistor to the "simple wire" is 5V.
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