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Homework Help: Electrical potential

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    The potential is constant throughout a given region of space. Which of the following statements is true? Be sure you can justify your answer.

    The electric field may have places where it is zero, and places where it is nonzero in this region.
    The electric field is nonzero in this region.
    The electric field is zero in this region.
    The electric field may be zero or nonzero everywhere in this region.

    Ok- so at first i thought the answer was that it was zero or nonzero everywhere since you can decide what to make the starting potential- since the electrical potential is just the difference. But this answer turned out to be wrong... now i'm thinking that the electric field is zero in the region since it is constant...?
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    nevermind- i got it
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    If the potential is the same everywhere, then there can no field.

    - Warren
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