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Electrical Resistance

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    We all know Ohm's law U=RI, but I would like to know the physical explanation behind the apparition of the potential difference U of the resistance.

    thank you.
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    Look at the classical Drude model of charge transport in solids:

    http://people.deas.harvard.edu/~jones/es154/lectures/lecture_2/drude_model/drude_model.html [Broken]

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    IIRC, Ohm's law was given a firm footing by Onsager. If you can get Phys Rev, see here:


    Otherwise, just google Onsager and "Ohm's law" and eventually you'll find something.
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    We all (should) know that Onsager's theory can be explained fully by mean of Boltzmann equation approach both to transport phenomena in solid state physics and plasma physics.Which should be coming from Kubo's theory of linear responses (both classical and quantum).Apparently there cannot be a deeper explanation of Georg Ohm'1828 law.
    But i' have to stick with Zz's refering to the Drude model as being the most simple & comprehendable approach to what's really happenig in a conductor.


    PS.What i said applies to another linear effect in conducting media,the classical Hall effect.
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