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Electrical Shaving

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    I am thinking about buying an electrical shaver for one of my friends' birthday.. but ofcourse I have no idea which ones are good. He currently uses a blade, so I was thinking about buying a Braun 7526 since it has a foil and thus a close cut, right?

    At first I was thinking about buying the Norelco 8894XL Spectra "James Bond's Shaver of Choice", since I could get it at the same price while it is $100 more expensive, but that one is based on rotor blades, I heard that the shave is not as close?

    Any opinions?
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    Do you have Gillette Razors over there? If so i recommend the Mach 3 razor is cool, (by the time i have typed this there is probably a mach 4 or 5 razor out).
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    Make sure he wants one... I use a plain old manual shaver because I can't stand the electrical ones. They don't cut close enough.
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    of course we do! we invented them. (i think)

    but i agree. that's a great razor. i use it myself and couldn't ask for anything better.
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