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Electrical signals in Brain

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    Is it possible to measure the voltage, current, frequency of the electrical signals generated by human ‘Brain’? :smile:
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    Look up EEG (electroencephalogram) which is a machine where you can see the measurements of amplitude and frequency of brain activity. You can buy ones that hook to a computer and display 3D graphs on-screen of the brain activity through time for each type of wave.

    Forget ohm's law and simple E=IR stuff for this, its electrical-chemical transmission mechanisms.

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    The voltage is determined primarily by the potassium and sodium ionic concentrations internal and external to the neuron, about 70mv at rest. The frequency depends on how pretty the girl you’re watching is. Current flow would be ionic not electronic. Offhand I don’t know how current could be measured as it would be internal to the neuron and external only at the synaptic junctions.
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