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Electrical terminal

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    How can the term "terminal" be defined
    Is't just "the physical end of the component "
    Or there is a more rigorous definition
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    hi there .. no so much of a component say a transistor, resistor, capacitor ( tho some do have their own nut/screw terminations)

    I view a terminal as a termination point. be it a screw terminal, a solder point for multiple components and or wires

    I personally wouldn't call the wire end of a component a terminal

    but I would deem that these stud mounted diodes as having terminals in the true sense of the word

    these are TERMINAL blocks

    and a zillion variations like them

    I think you will find it very open to interpretation

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    Electrical Terminals are usually devices for connecting wires to electrical devices (PCBs, Motors or some components) or other wires (as in junction boxes). I've never heard them defined as the "physical end of a component" as you can have electrical terminals in the middle.

    Spade Terminals on a relay..
    Battery post Terminals
    Motor Terminals
    http://i1076.photobucket.com/albums/w448/4wdadventurers/Winch Gear/Winchwiring001_zpsf9e32eb2.jpg
    Junction box terminals
    Buss Bar Terminals (eg Ground)
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    Another use of the word 'Terminal' is for the high voltage beam generation section of a (ion) accelerator.
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    Maybe the term terminal comes from the early power and telephone networks.
    The terminal connection is at the end of the line, because that is where the line terminates.
    Wire splices along the line are not terminals, they are joints or junctions.
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