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Electrical Wire

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    Hi Guys,

    Im staying in a country that has 3-pin (UK) electrical supply.

    I recently come across one of my equipment that need 380/415V 3ph 50hz 4 wire supply.

    Please advise isit possible to hook them up? whats the difference.
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    It is possible to convert single phase to 3 phase, but it is expensive to do this.

    It involves converting the single phase to DC then chopping the DC into three streams of pulse width modulation, each 120 degrees apart.

    So, you wouldn't do it unless you really had to.

    However, the domestic supply in Australia (and probably the UK) is 3 phase at street level and one of the phases is brought into houses with a neutral. By paying extra, you can get all three phases brought into the house.
    The voltage between phases is 240 * √3 or 415 volts.
    This might be suitable for your machine.
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