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Homework Help: Electricity and magnetism

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    I was wondering if you guys know any websites/ free books/ any other ressource about physics electricity and magnetism, since this is my next class and I want to try to read about it before starting. I have download an e-book from the sticky, but I'd like other sources.
    feel free to post anything
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    I'm assuming this is for a college course that will start in a month or so? If i were you I'd just buy the textbook you'll be using for that class now and skim through that. Maybe get the solutions manual too (if there is one) if you want to practice some problems.

    Here's a link to hyperphysics. Just click on the E&M section.
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    Introduction to Electrodynamics, by David.J.Griffiths is an excellent text, although a fair knowledge of vector calculus is required.
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