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Electricity and resistance Question

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    A bird stands on a electric transmission line carring 2500 A. The line has .000025 ohms resistance per meter and the bird's feet are 4 cm apart. What voltage does the bird feel?

    I know R = p L/A, but how do i figure out the area. Also do I use 4 cm as the length?
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    Could you figure the voltage if the bird had its feet 1 meter apart?
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    I dont understand whether the 4 cm is the L and if so then what is the area?
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    If you know the resistance per meter (0.000025) and the number of meters (0.04) their product should give you the total resistance in the 4 cm length. Knowing the current, it should be a staightforward use of Ohm's Law to get the voltage across that section of the wire. I'm not sure why you would need to use the area at all.
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