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Electricity and the Body

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    I've got a physics assessment and I'd like to know the physics behind electric shocks etc. I know the basics, we're 70-80% water etc but I need to understand the physics of it. please help
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    please help i haven't got a lot of time and i'm afraid i'm not very good at physics but i need it to help me pass yr 12
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    It is hard to help when your enquiry is so broad....

    Do you need to understand the effect on the body, or the basics of electricity? Have you searched Google?

    For a start, the human body has a high resistance....... Get googling!
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    google's to big!


    I actually need to find out the effects on the body, i've got the basics and trust me, i've tried looking on google, but there are so many sites and hardly any have what i'm looking for. if you could help it would be fantastic, thanks


    Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur
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