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Electricity book recommendation

  1. Jul 3, 2014 #1
    Hey PF,
    I've studied electrostatics and electrodynamics in the past years in high school, but it was just school-study I never had a chance to thoroughly understand them,
    I'd like to read and learn more about electrostatics and electrodynamics on my holiday, so I'd like anyone to recommend a good book that thoroughly, and intuitively explains electrostatics and electrodynamics and suits my level, I'd prefer the book to be even higher than high school level,
    "electrostatics and electrodynamics" in two separate books or in the same book it won't really matter. Thanks a lot btw !!!
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    The biggest problem you will have in learning from a more advanced book is calculus, specifically vector calculus. All the more advanced books will use it throughout.

    Here are two books that you could use (assuming they are available to you):


    What you want to know is in these books but learning it will be very difficult. But if you combine these with the MIT 18.01, 18.02, 8.02 video lectures, it should be doable. Difficult, time consuming, but doable.
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    My calculus is so basic
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    Feynman's lectures, Volume II is good as a supplement (doesn't have problems).
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    That's what I was worried about. Without calculus, you would need to use an AP book like Giancoli but that will be exactly what you have already learned, I suspect.
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