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Electricity & Magnetism Exam Questions

  1. Jan 7, 2010 #1
    Hi. :)
    I'm looking for exam questions or exercises on Electricity & Magnetism (with solution if possible). The level should be *roughly* equivalent to the exercises in Purcell, Electricity & Magnetism, Berkeley Physics Course (usually 2nd year at university) in content.
    I've googled already and found a few exams on various websites (mitocw,etc.).
    I've also checked some books (Griffith - however no solutions :(, Tipler, schaum...however I'm not 100% happy what these books offer me....).

    So my question is: Does anyone know a good place where I can get some past papers
    on E&M - a book, website or anything else? (Maybe one can email them to me)

    Thanks in advance for the responses.

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