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Electricity;Norton and Thevenin Theorems applications

  1. Aug 24, 2007 #1
    i've got a problem about the thevenin and Nortn models applications.
    i've been given a table giving 3 outpout voltages(v1= 200v,v2= 150V,v3 = 100v) from the voltage sources with their corresponding current(I1= 0A,I2= 12A,I3=22A).
    The question was to draw a V-I diagram and draw the corresponding Thevenin and Norton models, so how do i have to proceed without knowing the initial circuit so that i can see which resistances am going to short/open .

    This is how i did:
    as we see from that table ther resistance changes, think that it changes with some restinces that have been shorted but i can't figure it out clearly. So please help me!
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