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Homework Help: Electricity numericals help needed

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    electricity numericals!! help needed!!

    When a sufficiently high voltage is applied between two electrodes in a gas, the gas ionises. Electrons move towards the positive electrodes,and positive ions move towards the negative electrode.

    a) what is the current in a hydrogen discharge if, in each second, 4.4 x 10^15 electrons and 1.5x 10^15 protons move in opposite directions past a cross-section of the tube?
    b)what is the direction of the current? :confused:
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    This sounds like a homework problem.

    Tell us what your thoughts are on the problem.
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    a) Start with Q=I x t
    You should know the charge on an electron.

    b) Look up 'Conventional Current flow'.

    c) Post HWK in the HWK help section.
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    thanx for your help.
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    No problem.

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