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Electricity problem.Pleae help

  1. Apr 20, 2005 #1
    Electricity problem.Pleae help!!!

    Suppose a person touches the case of an electric appliance while taking a bath. The total resistance through the person's hand and body is 3097 Ohm. What is the smallest voltage on the case of the appliance that could cause ventircular fibrillation? Any help would be great!!!

    I've been trying to use V=IR but what is the current???? Please help!!! :surprised
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    Probably very few people here, if any, know the biological aspects of this problem. If you asked us how much current would flow for any given voltage, you could get an answer. What does it take to cause ventircular fibrillation? I assume the source of the question covers that topic somewhere.
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    I've heard 0.7A is the most the heart can take.
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