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Electricity rearranging problem

  1. Sep 3, 2004 #1
    We have this complex reasoning question (at school) with this weird situation, anyway they say incorporating every part gives the formula
    [tex] V = mgR tan (\theta) / B^2 L^2 cos (\theta) [/tex]

    Where V is the velocity
    m is the mass
    g is the acceleration (gravity)
    B is the magnetic field strength
    R is the resistance
    L is the length

    Now this question is a proof and i must prove it using known physics formula's (mainly from electricity).

    The closest i got was to proving it was
    [tex] V = mgr / B^2 L^2 sin^2(\theta) [/tex]

    If anyone could help me would be greatly appreciated.
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    try using trigonometric identities :biggrin:
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    I would think that the physical "reasoning" (however complex) would tell you what "formulas" to use. If you post the "reasoning", I'm sure that the proof will present itself.
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