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Electricity textbook

  1. Jan 14, 2014 #1
    Hello, I am looking for a basic introductory textbook on electronics. Since it's introductory, nothing too rigorous required.
    Basic AC/DC introduction
    Current, Charge, Voltage
    Series/Parallel circuits
    Ohm's Law
    Semiconductor devices (diodes, doping, impurities, N-P type, transistors etc)
    Building a circuit (how they work, printed circuit boards)
    Hopefully something on breadboards

    Once again, an introduction so "Art of electronics" and similar are WAY too advanced. Thanks.
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    I'm surprised that you find the AoE book too advanced (it really does start with the basics), but that's fine. Here's a recent short thread from the EE forum that mentions a couple intro-type electronics books:


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    Really, what is mean is a high school level introduction, not the physics of it. Thanks, I'll check those.
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