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Electro Magnetic Calculations

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    Ok, I want to start by saying I have been out of this field for some time and I have regrettably lost a lot of my knowledge. So I may require a little patients, but here it goes.
    I am wanting to construct a micro motor. I was trying to decide on what materials to make the internal electromagnets from for max capability.
    I want the motor to be no more then 1/2" in height & 1.5-2" diameter. what materials should i use and what calculations should i use to calculate amperage input to lb output of the motor.
    i realize it may be asking a lot but I hope you all can help :)
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    there are plenty of examples of small motors like that
    any hobby shop sells them ... buy one ... pull it apart and find out how they do it and see if you have the capability to reproduce that.
    I suggest it will be very difficult for some one to do at home

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    Thank you for your reply. I will look into your sugjestion.
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    Time was when people used to home-build a lot of electrical items. These days, small items are so well designed and perform so well (often for pennies) that it's just not worth trying to do what hi tech assembly can do easily. Tiny motors are fantastic these days. Don't try to compete - but there's everything to be said for trying to make a motor that 'actually works' from simple materials. Then buy one for your application!
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