Electro Magnetism

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we can calculate the charge flown through a wire loop by the formula change in magnetic flux divdided by the resistance of the loop in deriving this case we have neglected the self induction of the loop as
df/dt =iR
df/dt = dq/dt R
df =dq R

but if we take into consideration the self inductance of the loop then the process goes as follows
we know that
flux due to current in circuit(f1) =L i
where L is the self inductance of the loop

we can then say
df1/dt = Ldi/dt
now writing the equation of the ptentials of the loop

if f2 is the flux due to the external fieldthen
df2/dt-df1/dt= dq/dt R
thus we conclude that change in flux due to external field - change in flux due to current in loop=charge flown divided by resistance
but when i tried to verify this using a simple problem
my answer didnt agree with the result derived
please verify it
I would like to believe that the principle of superposition applies here so you can treat each flux change as a separate effect. I need to know more about how you did the experiment. Do you have your own lab?

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