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Electrochemical purification

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    Hi all

    How to purify copper alloys electrochemically ? please describe all possible commerically feseable ways and also pls specify any commerical set ups /resource that can do the above process
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    I have no knowledge about commercial aspects of electrochemical purification, but I'd say that if you can produce a redox couple on copper, then you can oxidize the other metal and purify it; but the term "pickling" is frequently used for the thing you're asking for, I think.

    Pickling is basicly an acidic treatment, but the acid must be of a non-oxidizing one in order not to corrode copper; the other metal(s) in the alloy will eventually be solubilized and leave copper by going into the solution, and copper will remain intact. This may be a good measure.

    If the impurities are organic-based, acidic treatment after heating the copper part beyond 500°C will be more helpful.

    These are pure-chemical ways to treat an impure copper alloy, but wait for other friends' posts.
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