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Homework Help: Electrochemistry easy question

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    if you make a battery using only au as both cathode and anode and different concentrations(.0001 and 1) of au+, which would be anode and which would be cathode, what would happen? please illustrate. Any help would be highly appreciated

    Thank you
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    Try using the Nernst equation
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    I know you can use the Nerst equation, I just want to know what exactly happens with where electrons are going and where ions are going
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    the electrode potentials are the same. there will be no potential difference. i don't think there will be a current flowing.
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    Electrons won't be going anywhere if there is not a complete circuit - I think you need to describe a complete setup you envisage. What chemical substances are going to be present where?

    That said, since you ask about qualitatively envisioning it, what happens when you put two solutions of different concentration in contact? Then whether stuff gets transported by diffusing or some of it by another mechanism, the thermodynamic tendencies are the same.
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    royzizzle, which way must electrons flow in order to end up with equal concentrations of au+?
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    i think i misunderstood you question....

    i suppose the solution containing the highest concentration of Au3+ will contain the cathode. this is because the reaction of Au3+(aq) + 3e- ----> Au(reduction) will be faster there.
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