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Homework Help: Electrodynamics problem

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    Consider two concentric spherical shells of radii R1 and R2 (R2>R1 ) which are
    maintained at potentials V1 and V2. Find the potential and the electric field in the
    region between the two shells, and show that the charge on the inner shell is given by

    q1= -4 pi epsilon((R1*R2)/(R2-R1))(V2-V1)
    What is the charge on the outer shell?
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    You have to show your work in order to receive help. Forum rules.
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    ok sorry, I think if you take the laplace of potential= 0 you can find the potential in that region but my professor wants the boundary conditions of the potential
    V(r)= A+B/r where A and B are constants I know once you find the potential you use the relation E=-grad(V) where V is the potential. I just need to find the potential. Quasar if you could help that would be great!!!
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