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Electrolysis of water

  1. Feb 17, 2016 #1
    I want to know how to conduct I ampere current through solution.
    For example i have 9V battery and 1 liter of water and i conducted electricity through water. How to calculate the current ?
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    If t is useful. For example during 1 hour.
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    Volts = current x resistance. Measure the resistance on your electrodes.
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    With the electrodes placed in the water, and the battery disconnected, measure the resistance of the circuit.
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    Predicting the current is not possible. I presume you will add electrolyte so some water dissociates to gases? As soon as DC flows bubbles of gas start to accumulate on the electrodes and this interferes with their conduction of current into the solution. For more current, you can try larger electrodes with their larger surface area, but these, too, will become coated with gas. You can agitate the vessel or components to try to dislodge some bubbles and the situation certainly reaches an equilibrium, but I don't think it is easily predicted.

    If you are wanting to avoid gas forming on the electrodes, and just do resistivity experiments, you'll need to use low-voltage AC instead of the battery.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks guys
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