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Electromagnet Desing

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    I plan to use two electromagnets (With a magnetic core) to make a magnet move back and forth on a rail. I plan to place the two electromagnets on the both the ends of the rail. The travel length of the magnet is 0.5 inch.
    Then depending on the direction of movement of the magnet, I plan to pull the magnet with the electromagnet on the end of the railing it needs to move towards and push the magnet with the electromagnet on the end it is moving from.
    The magnet I plan to move is a Samarium Cobalt magnet that has dimensions of 1 inch by 1 inch by 1 inch. And how big an electromagnet would I need. I was also wanting to know how much voltage and current would I need to make this work.
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    Need some more detail. How long is the rail? What is the field strength of the cobalt magnet? How quickly do you want to accelerate the cobalt magnet? What is the 'travel length' of the magnet?

    Indeed, what is the point of constructing this?
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    Rail Length: 0.5 inch
    Field Strength of the traveling SmCo magnet: 1000 G
    Acceleration time: Anything would be fine
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