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Electromagnet help

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    Hi all, just came across the forum and I must say I am in heaven, great site!

    I am trying to figure a way to control the timing of electric pulses to an array of electromagnets... some in the array need to just be controlled for standard on/off function, while others need to have control over polarity, ie cycling +/- to then -/+ to control attraction and repulsion...

    I don't think there is any simple solution to this - but I would love some input... I am not sure what this would be called so I am having a hard time searching as I am not sure what the proper keywords would be...

    Anywho thanks for any help that can be given!
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    Welcome to the PF.

    To do the polarity switching, an "H-Bridge" circuit is often used:


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    Thanks berkeman, looks like that will do just what I want... was also looking at reed switch for timing, otherwise I would have to go with something like a cars distributor, although this method being mechanical I don't think would have the amount of control over precise timing as I would with a reed and the H-Bridge...
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