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Electromagnetic Brake System

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    Hello friend.

    I am working of design of Electromagnetic Disc Brake system. I have performed some calculation. which you can find on following links.


    Please have a look on it. and mention my mistakes. The next thing I want to know , how to calculate the magnetic field and current required to stop the vehicle from 100 Km/h to 0 Km/h

    Waiting for replies..
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    Ranger Mike

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    may I as k WHY electric brakes?
    what do you think the advantages are vs disadvantages..
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    Thsi is our project defined by the professor. Have u checked attachemnts?
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    The attachments are not opening for me.

    Isn't homework, etc. to be posted in another section.
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    you dont have rapid share account?
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    give me email.. i will send it on ut email address.
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    Please do not post or request e-mail addresses.

    Also, wikicheema, you need to repost this in the homework forum and show your work on the template provided.
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