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Electromagnetic levitation

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    Hi there,

    I am thinking about an electromagnetic levitation project. Imagine a tube of about 13cm diameter with a flat rotation-symmetrical object of maybe 4cm diameter at one of its ends. The object should be oriented always perpendicular to the vertical tube...difficult to explain as I don't have the proper words for it...just imagine a cylinder hat without a full cover on its top. Now if we turn this cylinder in any arbitrary direction, I want that the flat object still stays in the middle of the tube and also perpendicular as before. Of course, the object would oscilate a bit until it reaches its ideal position due to air friction. Also, the movement of the cylinder should only be a few degrees per second. I thought about building some kind of control system that recognizes the tube orientation and increases/decreases the current running through the coils that go around the tube circumference to adjust for changing gravitational situations. How difficult do you expect this to be to build?


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    On YouTube there are lots of videos of magnetic levitation home experiments.
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    Yes, but if we want the object to be controlled in 6 axes of freedom and on a micrometer scale. I have no experience at all with all this and what kinds of stuff would have to be attached to the object, but lets assume it would weight about a pound at most. How about the feasibility here?
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    too many words, too few drawings. Can you draw the physical system you want in a couple orientations and indicate where power is available, etc.
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