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Homework Help: ElectroMagnetic Motor

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    Hello everyone. First time i found this side from a buddy of mine told me to check it out for help. For my grade11 Physics class we need to build an electromagnetic motor with 4 electro magnets ATLEAST and no higher then 9volt battery.

    I've looked everywhere and cannot find a simple intructions to making one.

    Its an easy principle that i don't understand and to make it harder they give a project on it.

    Anyone can lead me in the right direction?

    Thanks in advance and keep the help alive!!!!!! :smile:
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    Surely you can find sources on the internet that tell you how a motor works. Most of them will show a loop of wire rotating in the field created by a permanent magnet. However, you could make a motor with a magnet rotating in the field created by electromagnets that are being turned on and off as the magnet spins. You would want the electromagnets to be turned on in pairs with each magnet in a pair on opposite sides of the rotating magnet. Two pairs (the minimum 4 magnets you must have) would work, but 3 or 4 pairs would be great.

    How could you make a pair of electromagnets with one continuous wire that have a space between the two magnets with the poles aligned as in this little diagram?

    N=====S <space> N=====S

    What would you have to do the change the polarity of the two magnets?
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