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Electromagnetic radiation

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    does the electromagnetic spectrum limited?
    whate is the theorical answers for limitation of the spectrum?
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    In a sense I'd say it is on the lower end because i'd say the lowest achievable frequency is that which originates from the blackbody radiation at absolute zero. As for the upper limit I see no reason why there should be a limit.
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    Andy Resnick

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    The lowest frequency is given by the size of the universe- 1/2 a wavelength is the size of the universe- and the highest frequency is given by v = E/h, where E is the Planck energy:


    frequencies higher than that can't be reasonably explained by current physical theory.
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    Can electromagnetic energy be pushed into a home as a weapon? Like a bolt of electricity using a linear amplifier. Would it be similiar to the ADT or ADS weapon systems used by law enforcement or the military? I've been attacked with something here in Long Beach, Ca and its a shockwave with electricity.
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