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Electromagnetic spectrum

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    I would like to do more studies and research in electromagnetic spectrum. And I am interested very much in these waves and it's interaction with human or living things or matter. So please provide me with the information about what kind of courses I should take. I will complete my post graduation in physics this 2014 march. Can I do research in these areas? Please guide me.

    Thank You!!
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    Simon Bridge

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    The EM spectrum is very wide ... and so are the effect. "Living things" is a very broad range too.
    Therefore you will almost certainly have to narrow your interests at some stage. Since you are a senior undergrad next year, you should know this right?

    The field would most likely be medicine, or biophysics related.
    The information you are after will be included as part of a broader subject.

    Post-grad research on the effects of EM radiation on living things can be done - you will have to ask at your grad school. You shuld realize that a very large amount of work has already been done - you should have a look around.
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