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Electromagnetic wave in media

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    Please consider the following problem:
    A plane electromagnetic wave propagates throug a stationary medium with phase velocity u<c. Consider an observer that moves with speed u relative to the medium. In
    J.P. McTevish, "Maxwell's equations in media and special relativity," Eur.J.Phys. 21 229-231 2000
    the Author mentions that the observer will detect the presence of a magnetic field and the absence of the electric field.
    My intuition (which is not the best adviser) suggests that he will detect the presence of the static electric field and the absence of the magnetic field.
    What is your oppinion and why?
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    Meir Achuz

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    It is not as easy as that article (which I have not see or refereed) says.
    You know E and B in the rest system of the dielectric as functions
    of r and t. You can LT E and B, and r and t to find E and B in the moving system. It is straightforward, but could be complicated algebraicly
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    E and B transformation

    Thanks for your hint. I have realized thatg static E and B and E and B in the electromagnetic wave transform in different ways.
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